Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome 3 New Followers!!!

I am a little slow minded these days!  I just realized I have 3 new followers!!  Let me introduce you to these really awesome bloggers!

Welcome Gingerpawz!!

She has a wonderful blog at:

She if very artistic and clever with the computer!  She can create things such as:

Now if only AJHQ would take notice and add Reese to their stores!!

Also want to welcome FlowesaFlowesa123 !!

She has a blog at  

She's a great jammer and a great friend and she is a non-member with a Pet!!  How does she do that??!!

And last but not least, Welcome Strongboy88 !!!

Now he's the bestest follower ever, lookie what he gave to me on his blog!!  (

A REESE CUP CHAIR !!!!!!!!!!   Isn't that amazing??!!   I can't wait to eat.....I mean sit on it!!


As I was looking to see who I have and have not posted as a new follower I realized that my original group of followers did not ever get a "shout out", so each week I want to give a shout out to one of my followers, starting next week!    I just want you to know how much your support is appreciated!!!! 


  1. Thanks a lot I'm a bit slpw minded as well 2 days ago i forgot to check other blogs lol and yesterday I forgot that theres a game called Animal Jam lol!

    1. Btw (By the way) I didn't do nothing to get my pets it was after a really early morning I was playing AJ like really early then it logged me out and it said "Animal Jam is currently (However you spell that) offline" and when it went online it was so glitched it said my animal name was Precious Happyflower and said at the bottom that my username was "Name" and then I clicked pets and I did a pet for fun and then I pressed adopt pet by accident and that how it happened lol I deleted ALL MY PETS AND NOW i ONLY HAVE BUNNY


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