Sunday, May 20, 2012

Did you see the Annular Eclipse?!

If you live near the Pacific Ocean you may have been lucky enough to see the Solar Eclipse yesterday!

It was really special because it was an Annular Eclipse, meaning the moon doesn't totally block out the sun, it coverse the center of the sun and the edges of the sun show out around it making a ring  (Annular refers to "Ring" in Latin)

So I was lucky enough to get to see this amazing celestial event!!  Now you can't just look at an eclipse, you have to wear special glasses or welder's mask to protect your eyes from the harmful rays that are much more intense during an eclipse.

They look like the kind of glasses you wear at a 3D movie, but they have black lenses, not red / blue.

SO, anyway, here I am, watching the solar you see me back there?

no, not there..............over there!

A little more to the left..............

No, over more.................

*sigh*  Ok, let me help you, here is a rare glimpse of the Real Me  watching the eclipse in my welder's mask

There were tons of people there!    And some other creatures as well!

The lemurs forgot their glasses, they are now blind.  Stupid lemurs!

Now this guy is smart, he remembered to bring his Eclipse Glasses!

Someone was nice enough to share their glasses with Reese!  (He ate his, bad dog!)

So here is the beginning of the eclipse as the moon is passing over the sun!

And here is what it looked like when the moon was completely over the sun!! 

Isn't that the most amazing thing ever???!!!!

What a great day!!  

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