Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm a Master Lego Artist!

I don't think I have ever told you that I LOVE LEGO'S!!!!!!!!!!   Ok, not as much as I love Reese Cups, let's not get crazy!! 

Anyway, I do love, love, love playing with legos!

And I'm a Lego Artiste!  (not artist, but "ar-teest", there's a difference!)

This one I call "Self Portrait"

This one I call "My Dog Reese"

This one I call "Peanut Butter the Pig"

This one I call, "Cup and his Lego Cup"   this one is really Cup runs in the blue lego wheel it makes Lego Cups' arms move so it kind of looks like the Lego Cup is making the blue wheel spin!

Seeing all my great Lego Art Pieces, Kit Kat began to whine and complain that I should do one for her.....Mom said I had to...........So I made this, I call it "Creepy Kit Kat"

I think I captured the essence of Kit Kat pretty good in that one, don't you think??!!

(*slaps self on forehead*  I should've done my signature in legos!! )

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