Friday, May 11, 2012

Tributes for Tiggerkat!

As my popularity soars I have started getting wonderful gifts and tributes from adoring fans!  One of the coolest I got from Strongboy...... 

Uh, you have anymore Reese Chairs??  Mine seems to be, uh, shrinking  (wipes chocolate off from chin)

Anyway, look at this that came this morning in the mail!  Isn't that the happiest little Reese Cup you ever saw?    He smiled all the way down to my tummy!!

Another fan sent me this photo of the sushi specials they sell at their family's resturant, pretty cool!!  

One time I was at a resturant and a fan recognized me right away and sent me this special Reese Cup Brownie Sundae!!  It was delicious!!!

Then I got an email from someone who says she is my Biggest Fan!!!!    She attached a photo of herself to show her love for me

Do you think that could be Fuzzy Shy Ivy???  (I have to say, she's got great style!!)

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