Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Beautiful Day for a Picnic!!

It was such a beautiful day I thought we should all go on a picnic for lunch!!

I packed my picnic basket!

Went to my favorite picnic spot!

But the best table was already taken......

Luckily Reese's friends were there and they saved us one!!

One even showed up in a tigger-like suit!! 

(He's a secret fan of mine!)

I opened the picnic basket and lookie who tagged along!!


Cup brought his own picnic spread!!

And we had a celebrity sighting!!  

I think that's Yogi Bear!! 

I wanted to get an autograph but Peanut Butter said we should just leave him alone.

Where's Kit Kat did you ask??  

Well, I may have accidentally told her we were taking the RED picnic basket....

And then I locked it in the closet at home!!

tee hee!! 

It was a GREAT Day!!


  1. Yes, but one of your answers was wrong.
    It was a Frog Plushie with a reese cup bank inside.

    1. 0.0

      where can I get one of those!!!???!!


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