Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The SuperMoon is Coming!!

I was reading in the UK papers that this Saturday night will be a "SuperMoon".  

The moons orbit is like an oval and at one point it is alot closer to the Earth and at another point it is much farther.   So because this is the point that the moon is very, very close to the Earth, it will look HUGE!!  It will also have a stronger effect on tides......................but what I really want to know is.............

How does this effect all you Werewolves out there????



Peanut Butter Wolf (ew! sounds putrid!)


Tee Hee..........Kit Kat is scared of Werewolves!


Here's the article if you want to read more about it:

OH!!  OH!!  OH!!        Maybe Saturday Night we should have a SuperMoon Party on Animal Jam and all dress as Werewolves!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It doesn't have to be at anyone's den, just log on AJ when you see the Full Moon rise in YOUR area and dress as a werewolf, run all over AJ shouting "THE WEREWOLVES ARE COMING!  THE WEREWOLVES ARE COMING!"  

(and please please please take screen shots and send to me or post on your blog!!!)

It'll be a world wide Flash Mob!!  Tell all your AJ Friends!!!!!!!!

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