Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bathtime!! (Rated G!)

Thought I'd share some fun Bathtime Photos with you!! 
(I promise you won't get in trouble with your Mom or Dad for looking at these!!)

Here is a pix of me when I was a baby getting a bath in the sink! 

I still have all those rubber duckies!!
(and yes, I still play with them in the bath every night!!)

Here's Reese getting his bath!   

(He HATES baths!!) 

He's being so dramatic, he thinks he's drowning!!

Anyway......Here's Peanut Butter getting his Bath!

MUD bath, that is!
(He is a pig, afterall!)

Here's Cup getting his bath!  

Yes, that's his bathroom in his cage! 
It is NOT easy finding the right toilet paper to go with that tiny toilet!!

And of course, here is Kit Kat

Well, we're all nice and clean!  (Except for Peanut Butter!)


  1. Rated G haha you're a laugh tigger.

  2. Replies
    1. o.0

      oh no, I scrubbed too hard!! Tiggytiger! Get your black markers!!


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