Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look What Tricker Treee Showed Me!

Now who do you think taught that trick to Charlie Armstrong??!!  That is how I like to eat my Reese Cups!!! 

I don't recommend the NASCAR way........that's too fast, you can't enjoy it!!

Thanks Tricker Tree!!


  1. I wonder if you can eat a hersey kiss the Charlie Armstrong way ....Oh go on Animal jam today I have something to give you that will he as get renvenge agin


  2. I like how you put the translate thing. Now I can finally read your blog in German

    P.S I found a new game, think I might quit AJ because this game is better. It is called Whirled. I'll give you the link. Just click my name to go to it. My user is Raichu.


    1. the whirled games looks pretty cool! I'm glad you can read my blog easier now! Great Shot told me to put that translate gadget on my blog, so I guess she had a good idea!!


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