Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kit Kat's Room Re-Model !

Hee hee hee!!    Tricker Treee came up with a BRILLIANT idea!  

You know how AJ is giving out Cactus Thrones??  Well he thought that would make a nice theme for Kit Kat's bedroom!  So with his help we gave her room a little make over!!

Here is before:

all RED like Kit Kats!!  Blech!!!

So we threw away everything pink or red!  

We brought in the Cactus Throne from Animal Jam:

(well, actually, we tried to make one just like it! Pretty good, doncha think?)

And we gave her this new bed:

And her new Desk Chair

And a little light for her room

And we gave her a new sofa!!

I think Kit Kat likes it, don't you??'s okay Kit Kat!  Here's your teddy to make you feel better!!


Thanks Tricker Treee!!  You're the bestest!!!!



  1. Hello there, I run a Reese Cup factory! We should sneak into Kit Kat's room and switch all her Kit Kats with Reese cups... >:D

    1. YOU RUN A REESE CUP FACTORY?!?!?! You are now officially, truly, AWESOME.

  2. You mean thing! tiggerkat you are really mean!!!!!!!!!! :| I dont want to be ur friend! you have made poor kitkat sad! now where will she sleep? i have a cat too and kittens but i never treat them like that!!


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