Saturday, May 12, 2012

Did I win???

So I was on this game show and made it to the final round!  I had only one more question to answer, and if I got it right, I would win a million dollars!!   I was so nervous!!

This was the final question:  Finish this sentence, "The only thing better than a Tigger is__________"

I smiled, because this I know!!   I shouted "A Tigger with a Reese Cup!"

In that instance, my future flashed before my eyes!    I closed my eyes and I can see my future self, rich beyond my wildest dreams!

I would share with Reese, give him a bed of $100 bills!

I would share with Peanut Butter, he can be my accountant!

I would share with Cup too!

Heck!  I'm so happy I would share with Kit Kat...........just maybe not $100 bills...............

I dreamed of the Reese Cups I would buy!

Then, I realized the audiance had grown silent.  

I opened my eyes and did not like the look on Pooh's face

It seems I misheard the question.  

It was "Finish this sentence:  The only thing we have to fear is _______"

So if I didn't win then who did?   

And Pooh announced the winner:  

Kit Kat!!!!

Sigh!     Think she'll at least buy me ONE reese cup???

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