Sunday, May 27, 2012

Three New Followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, I got onto Blogger this morning and literally fell out of my seat!!  I bruised my bouncy tail!  I was so stunned to see I have 3 New Followers!!!!! 

Ok, I am calm now, back in my chair, let's give a big Reese Cup Welcome to:  Breezewood, Patriot and 109190xmas!!!!!

Breezewood is a dog lover!  You can tell at first by her avatar:

See!  A puppy paw print!  and if you go to her blog ( there is a side bar called "The Daily Puppy" with all these cute puppies on it!  You should check it out and follow her blog!!

Patriot does not have a blog, at least not under this avatar. 

I am looking for more info on him with my crystal ball, which is quite revealing!  I see he has other accounts, other blogs, and even a twitter account!!  I see an interest in politics too.......hmmmmm, very interesting!

109190xmas is new to the blogosphere, and off to a really great start!  Check out her new blog:  and follow it! 

She is a very generous friend!  She gave me Reese Cups!!!  and found the perfect dog!!  (*BARK!!*)  It's okay Reese, you're still my number one doggie!!

So let's have a round of Reese Cups for my new friends!!!!!!


  1. Thanks, Tiggerkat! Hahaha, you got it right! I AM a doggy lover! Thank you SO much for posting about My Blog! You're so nice! And, yes, I DO love Tiggers too! XD

    1. You're welcome!! I love dogs too! Jack Russells are my favorite!! (they're hyper just like me!!)

  2. Oh, your so nice, Tiggerkat!!!!! I will ask for more Reese cups!

  3. PS: I will give the Reese Cups to you!Let me fill out the order!

    1. we have a plan! I will go wait by my mailbox!! thanks!!!


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