Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maybe they're not imposters? Maybe the world is going Tigger!!

So I was in the stairwell at school today, when I saw this imposter!!

C'mon!  Tigger's are NOT ganstas!  

Then after school at the cycling rink was another imposter!!

Then I saw this guy in the back of the rink....He tried to do the "mirror" game with me, but it didn't fool me!  (well, maybe he did for like only 5 minutes)

And in the gaming room .......sigh...........another one!

But this one creeped me out the most! 

A Tigger MONKEY??!!!  

Sheeesh!  The whole world is going Tigger!!


  1. I've opened a cactus furniture chair factory, since your a great friend, I will give you an entire room remodeling free of charge! Hows about remodeling Kit Kat's room?

    1. I LIKE the way you think, Tricker Treee!! Let's get started!!


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