Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 more followers!!!!

This is really very cool!!  I was about to work on a new post when it caught my eye that I now have 32 followers!   The weird thing is I can only see 28 which means I have 4 anonymous followers!!  (anyone know how many accounts Fuzzy ShyIvy / Cinnamon Cake has??)

Anyway!    I want to welcome SkerryMalas and RichGuy17 !!!!!!!!!!! 

**Reese Confetti and Balloons fall to floor**

SkerryMalas is an animal jammer who really loves all kinds of animals!  I think she may be Irish---check out her Avatar!!

It's a 4-leaf clover!!  I hope it brings her loads of great luck!!

RichGuy17 is a sports nut who loves all sports!!   He also likes Animal Jam!  Here is the avatar for blogger:

  He needs to work on his Avatar tho, may I recommend one?

Thanks for joining my blog!!!


  1. is the football really made out of resse cups?

    1. no, but it should be!!! (although that could get really messy during a game!!)

  2. *eats Reese confetti and balloons*
    Oh, were you going to eat that? It's ok, there's always the big stash I keep- oops, sorry, ate all of that too. Can I pay you in Reese pieces?

    1. 0.0

      I hope you have ALOT Reese Pieces!!!

  3. Yum football reese cup! :D=


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