Friday, December 7, 2012

Your Weekly Reese's

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!

To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!


Requests for this Edition were Slim this week

First in, was a request by 


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Check out his blog:

The Animal Jam Explorer Club:

This is no ordinary Animal Jam website
410Leappradospoqtwa delves deeper, into the hidden mysteries of Jaama, 
such as Mysterious Clock Tower:

There will also be posts on glitches, and parties and shout outs, but unlike other AJ blogs
there will be no posting of Daily Items.

I like his adventuresome style, I think you will too!  

Next up,  a request from my *cough* dear friend, Tiggerpaka.

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He has started a new website called:
Tiggerpaka's Blog of Vengence

Now despite the Term Vengence in his blog title,
Tiggerpaka is a peaceful meerkat.

He meerly (get it meerkat---meerly) wanted to set the record 
straight about his character as the attacks against him
poured in from his **cough** Starring Role

Tiggerpaka would like to remind you he is a family man
and a Meerkat of Peace.
And would prefer to regal you with tales of his Mighty Adventures

He asks simply......

(**Tiggerkat whispers to meerkat hiding behind curtain** 
wait a this right?  Uh, Ok then)  


Tiggerpaka simply asks
That each of you submit and bow before him
and dedicate your blogs to him as 
the Emperor of the Bloggosphere.

**stifles laughter**

**turns back to curtain and whispers--Ok?  sound good?
Can you give me back my Reese Cups now?**

This has been another Edition of Your
Weekly Reese's!

Tiggerkat Signing off!


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  3. Do you forgive me for the post I made on my AJ blog? Please?

    1. Omigosh! I was never mad...just wanted to add another thought to it! Still bloggy buddies?

    2. yES! Wait, my cat stepped on my Caps lock key while I was gone....yes! I thought your thought was good and thoughtful....**chuckles**...thought your thought.

  4. The Clock Tower is now called the Elizabeth Tower, and if AJ HQ tried to make that flag you can just see the FRENCH flag then they were mistaken - it's blue, white, red and not red, white, blue. Lol!

  5. Thank you for posting about my blog Tiggerkat!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

  6. Replies
    1. And I expect you to report to duty, Monday 0600

  7. Can you put my blog up there? It's newand I just stated it D: its Wolf Tales.


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