Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baking Christmas Cookies Today!

Today I am baking Christmas Cookies!

Mum, Being the Artist, Makes
AMAZING cookies!

She makes them in Blue:

and red:

She makes them as  Snowmen:

And Reindeer


A whole Gingerbread Family!

I like mine with Reese Cups!

And Reese Likes to Help 

Here is what is on his tray:

He Shared them with Reese Puff

Peanut Butter made a Piggy Gingerbread Family

And we made Cup Sized Cookies for Cup!

And of Course Princess Yorkie had to have 
her own very special cookie:

We thought we had enough dough to make
cookies for all of you as well!

But that dough went missing.......

I can't figure out what happened to it??


  1. Haha, very funny, I like the picture at the end. This has made my day, even after I posted America's saddest news.

  2. LOL
    Where's mine?
    Just kidding
    *hands Tiggerkat a truckload of Reeses*
    MERRY (Almost) CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 109190xmas!!!!!!!!!!!

      WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!!!!

      **gives big tigger bounce**

      I missed you!!!

  3. I've been shopping for Reese's for you!


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