Friday, December 14, 2012

Your Weekly Reese

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!

To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

This week's Request is made by TuckerG / aka FunPlay1

Funplay1 writes:    This blog is a metroid dream I have. See, I'm usually writing funny and witty stories at blogger, but this one may be intense.   This is based of a videogame. 

Here is the first part of Chapter 1:

         Leria snuggled next to her dad, and she was watching the TV. "Leria? Do you want some popcorn?" Bayles asked. Bayles was Leria's older brother. He was like her best friend. Leria's mother died not long ago because of a surprising ambush of space pirates and the mega dragon Meta Ridly. "Uh, sure. Popcorn sounds great." Leria sat up and looked around. She noticed something new on the mantel. A snowglobe; but it wasn't normal. No, it wasn't normal at all. It was glowing with electricity  and it was the weirdest sturcure she had ever seen. It was a big spacecraft type thing. "Da? Whats that snow globe supposed to be?" Leria asked. "Oh dear Leria," Her father said in a deep voice."look closer into it. What do you notice?" Leria got up, and stared at the snow globe. She saw a plack at the bottom, saying:

                                                  Space Pirate Database Ship
                                                      Never upset a parasite queen

Next Up:

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"The Tale of Two Delectables"

yes, this is me drooling at the screen

(not really)

Well, That's it for this Week's Reese's Edition!  

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