Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcome Nicole!!!!!

Wow!  I come all the way to America and I get a new follower!

Let's give a Tiggerific American Style Welcome to
Nicole Matibag!!

She has a blog called:

You should check it out!!


You know in America everything is NOW!!!

So Quit Sitting There!

Click and Follow Her Blog!!

I can wait.......

**whistles, files nails, eats a dozen reese cups**

Great!  You're Back!

I don't have my confetti cannons or marching bands,
but I do have alot of Snow Balls!!

So let's give a Tiggerific American Style Snowy Welcome to:

Nicole Matibag!!!


  1. Thanks so much!!!!!! Heartbeatz did tell meh about this blog! She told me how good it is so I decided to check it out! I'm totally in love with your blog!! :)

    By the way, it's Animal Jam Forever not Foeverz, Lol. You missed out 'r' Lol.

    -Nicole M. :)


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