Sunday, December 16, 2012

Please Consider Joining Me........

My church is holding a candle light vigil tonight for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school., 
and I was thinking, you could join us!    

At 7 pm take a lit candle, step outside and lift prayers up to God.  

We will be praying for Love and Comfort for the families affected by this tragedy and to pray for peace.

If you can do this, see if your family will join you.



  1. *Joins in* *Puts hands together in a prayer*
    God, please let these children rest in peace, they have suffered a great deal from this shooting and got pain, the suffer and pain was so bad, they had died. Please, I pray for the innocents to rest in peace and forever be happy in heaven, thank you.

  2. I am so sorry for those childern, they where too young! Lunitics to do this have no right!

  3. why must they die so young D: and right before christmas too!

    me and a lot of other people went to jamma township and turned yellow to pray for them i flimed it here is the video poor little kids :(

    1. just watched it, that was a great idea, too bad a couple of jerks showed up


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