Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I love Christmas Shopping!!

I bought a Great Gift Basket for Reese!

And for Peanut Butter:

(He loves to eat!)

And for Cup:   A new TV

(unfortunately it is not HD!)

I got Reese Puff a HUGE Bone!

The Box I put it in is as big as him!!

For York a pretty Christmas Dress

And for Kit Kat:

Phew!  She can really stink a place up!

Just Kidding!
(Not really, Mum made me put it back!)

So here is what I Really got for her!

And for all of you:

Merry Almost Christmas!!


  1. I have been counting to christmas since December 1st! ITS IN ONE MORE WEEK YAY!!

  2. It's too bad your mom made you put the cat litter for Kit Kat back. xD

  3. Gee, thanks!**hands box that smells like peanut butter** Here you go! I wonder what your gift is!

  4. By the way, aren't you commenting in Faelin's Adventure? Or else Tiggerkat will DIE!

    1. meep! I'm a busy busy tigger with the holidays comin' so soon!!

  5. Aww I was hoping for skycream ( skydoesminecrafts favorite!!!)


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