Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome Elephantie and Cup!!

Let's Give a Great Big
Chrissymas Tiggerific Welcome to:

Elephantie  and Cup !!

Elephantie is a little white cat with a pet dog named Rex!

My Photo
(she's very sophisticated, isn't she!)

She has a blog about Rex:

I love Border Collies, they are beautiful, high energy and so much fun!
(Kinda like a Tigger!)
But her blog isn't just about Rex, if you like my Thursday Funnies, you will love this blog!

She also has a Blog Called:
Is a treasure trove of funny you tube videos
go there for a good laugh!

And she also has an AJ blog:
Has the usual AJ stuff..but with some extra special entries!

Next up is Cup the Hamster!

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I can never get over how cute he is!!

You may already know him from my blog!

And you already know that Cup loves his cups!

But on his blog you will learn alot more about him!

So check it out and make the little guy happy!
(oops!  I forgot, he hates to be called "little"!)

So Let's Fire off the Confetti Cannons
and summon up the Marching Bands!



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  1. Wheeeek! I'll be famous now! Yay! **goes off with a handful of reese cups**


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