Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fancy Dancy Umbrellas

One thing about Belize

It Rains


Which if you have hair like me----can cause a bit of a problem

with the Frizzies......

My neighbors and I live in the 100 acre woods and
we get to use these really cool umbrellas!

No! no!  Not that one!

Silly Monkey

No, we use these!

But when you are out and about in town

It is cool to see all the Unique Umbrellas!

Here is probably one of the Best ones ever!

(and in the spring it can double for a green house for early veggies!)

And for the Classy Ladies Who don't want
Their Shoes Getting wet:

Some Umbrellas are Really Big

And Some Umbrellas are Really Small

This Poor Lady has No Umbrella

She can use mine!

**Hands Lady Giant Reese Cup Wrapper on a Stick**

**Lady Chases Tiggerkat Away**


Some people have no Gratitude!

Anyway, Moving on

Here is some Great Umbrella Advice!

Never ride your Bike while Holding an Umbrella:

Never use your Umbrella in a  Hurricane

And Never, Ever, EVVV---ERRRR

Use Cheese for an Umbrella



  1. hehehehhehehe here kitkat have a bigger cheese umbrela lol

  2. -gives kit kat a real umbrella- -throws cheese at tiggerkat- DON'T BE MEAN TO KITKAT OR.... -asks kitkat if can use some of her kitkats, kitkat says yes- -stuffs kitkats in tiggerkat's mouth-

    From:nikkiroo2 getting a little more on the kitkat side!

  3. and btw a giant reese cup wrapper "umbrella" isn't an umbrella -brings big rain cloud above tiggerkat and makes it rain kitkats!-


    From:nikkiroo2 getting a lot more on the kitkat side!

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  5. LOL FUNNY and please visit my blog! c:


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