Saturday, December 29, 2012

Back Home to Belize

I had a really great Christmas with Great Shot and Strongboy88!

But all good things must end......

I wonder how things went back home.....

I see our Christmas Decorations are still up:

But our Christmas Tree looks a little different.............

Actually......very very weird..........

And I don't remember this guy at all.............

And who made this mess????

And what happened to our House Sitter?

He told us the story:

Seems Santa was running a bit late

(and I thought he was delayed at the Paka House!)

So Santa sent over a Substitute Santa

And a Substitute Reindeer:

And a Few Elves as well

They handed out these poorly wrapped gifts

And they were the worst presents ever!

Reese Got a Can of Silly String.....

But not as much fun as you might think.........

 Peanut Butter got a wallet:

But I thought that was a bit insensitive
(He's Muslim you know)

Cup was given a Christmas Ornament:

But now he is stuck in the tree.....

Reese Puff was given a Plate of Doggie Treats

But the Substitute Santa had already eaten them!

And York

You know how pretty she likes to be

(she's kind of a Diva)

This is what that Substitute Santa Gave Her!!

So there was this Riot

(And our sitter said you'd be surprised as what a fighter York is!)

So our Sitter grabbed a phone and called for Help 
to Calm everyone down and 
Get that Substitute Santa Outta Here!!

And so That Substitute Santa Dog's owner Came and took Him away!

I thanked him, Mum paid him and the Sitter left.

Now we just have to clean up this mess.

As I turn around to look at our tree I hear a "Whooosh!!"

It's so Good to Be Home



  1. nice fire, tiggerkat....try these little black rocks on it

    **hands tiggerkat coal**

    they will---uh---help to put the fire out!

    **scurries for cover**


  2. Can you check out my blog 'My Cats'?

    1. I am more interested in your other blog "god is imaginary"....why do you think He is imaginary?

    2. I only now work on the blog 'My Cats' now, sorry.

  3. Ooooo. It looks like you had homecoming.

  4. what about PB's bday gift - bacon balls?


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