Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Le Welcome LeNeon!!

Yep!  That Him Right there Below:

My Photo

He's a Cool Neon Dude with a 'stash!
And Here is His Story:

He was just sitting there quietly one day, minding his own business

When Out of  No Where 


My Photo
Shows up!

And "Persuades" (yeah, right) him to start Blogging!

You want Proof?
Here is the Link to Heartbeatz blog where she confesses all:

It seems when She isn't going around petting Jake's soft hair
she is "Persuading" LeNeon to play AJ and start Blogging.

Well, it worked

Because he has a blog:

It's actually very cool looking and he is a great photographer!

Be Sure to Check out and Follow His Blog----Right Now!!!!

I can wait

OK, you're back!
So Let's Give a Great Big

Le Tiggerific
Le Welcome

Le Hip! Hip!
Le Horray!


  1. haha well i might have said something like "pwease pwease, you're my friend!! And i need an online friend that is my friend in real life too!" and I might've promised him a chocolate mousse... heheeeeeeeeeeeeheeeheheheheeheeheheheheheee

    1. just think of how many real life friends would start blogging if you promised Reese Cups!!

  2. Replies
    1. mmmmm.....nah, my reese cups get all stuck in mine when I grow one

  3. Ahaha I'm eating le same kind of ice cream popsicle thing in my profile pic right now! Without le mustache.

    1. mustache + popsicle = fuzzy ice cream---not good


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