Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet Ride this Weekend!!

Beautiful weekend coming up, seems like a good time to go for a ride on our bikes!!  Motorcycles that is!! 

Check out our sweet rides!!

Here's my Tiggerkat Cycle:

It ROARS down the road!!  (get it? Tiger?? Roars??  I'm too funny, I just crack myself up!)

Reese doesn't have a motorcycle, but he has the look!

He likes to ride with his buddies, here they come now!

Even Cup likes a sweet ride!!  Though we keep him indoors with his! 

Kinda small............... Cup sized

Peanut Butter thinks motorcycles are not safe, so this is his sweet ride......

But he's too young and too small to drive it, so for now this is his sweet ride....

Kit Kat Doesn't Have a Car

Well, She Had one

Until she Failed Driver's Ed




Give Me Your Best Bounce!!