Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun Reese Cup Stuff

Everyone knows my love for Reese Cups, but it is beyond just EATING reese cups! 

(watches you faint, throws cup of water on you to revive you)

Really, let me show you!

Reese Cup Scented Candles..........what a relaxing smell after a hard day at school!!

This is my dream car!  Sweet ride, right??

 I already have a bumper sticker and key chain just waiting for that car!!

And when I want to listen to my favorite songs about Reese Cups, I can use ear buds or head phones!

I have these really cool socks and this cool pillow, too!!

And this yummy perfume that I can use to make anything smell like a reese cup!!!

I also have this Reese Cup lip balm!

And the bestest thing of all................when you really need that Reese Cup fix for anything you are eating:

That's a one gallon jar of pourable Reese Cup Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!  You can pour it on anything!!  Eggs and Bacon at breakfast, your tuna fish at lunch, your noodle casserole at dinner!!  YUM !!!

ok............now I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if I can't finish that yummy Reese Cup (yeah, like that will ever happen!)  I have this really cool Reese Cup Saver!


  1. I have all of this stuff!:D

    1. Isn't it wonderful?? Like a security blanket, I love being surrounded by Reese things!!

  2. @Tiggerkat- not everyone loves\likes reese cups. i do.


  3. "You can pour it on anything!! Eggs and Bacon at breakfast, your tuna fish at lunch, your noodle casserole at dinner!!"

  4. Why haven't they invented pourable chocolate?

    Then you could make a giant Reese Cup!

  5. Love the car!
    I haven't had any Reese Cups since I left the UK, but just a few days ago I finally found a Reese's PB easter egg! I can't wait till Easter to eat it... :D

    1. No reese cups?! LeNeon! You must go back to Le UK ! LeQuick!!

    2. I wish I could, leTigger! I leFound crumbly leReese PB's and leReese easter eggs though, so that's leGood!

  6. Yeah, right as if I would faint at hearing the part "not only eating reese cups"!! As it happens, I had had a Hershey's Cookie and milk Bar recently and personally I think that it is better than reese cups!!


    1. Mimi! You've been hacked!! Someone Claming to be YOU said they liked----**gasp! cough!** Cookie & milk better than Reese Cups!

    2. No, it's really me. But I like Reese cups too, 2nd!!!


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