Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Terrible Nightmare Last Night!!

It started out just like any other bed time........I got all snuggly and driffted off to sleep

But then I started dreaming about the letter "K"

and the change in my username to TiggerKat with a capital K

It got dark and more evil!

And then everyone was laughing at me!!

It started with Kit Kat!

And her Friends!!

ALL of her friends:

And then Reese started laughing at me!

And Peanut Butter!

And even Cup!!

And even TOTAL STRANGERS  were laughing!!

I woke up in a panic!! And realized....

I can't change my username!

Tiggerkat is an awesome username just as it is!

I slept GREAT after that!


  1. LOL dreams do mean something am I right? I may say my real dream later...

  2. Ah I thought you ran outta reese's cups!


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