Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday to You Know Who You Are!! =)

I have a bloggy buddy who is really more of a pen-pal
or would that be email-pal?

And Today is His Birthday!!!

I baked you a Reese Cup Cake for ALL my bloggy buddies to Share!

(ok, I was trying to mix up orange icing, but got pink---sorry!!)

And I got Everyone These Really Cool Party Hats to Wear!!

Reese Brought some Balloons

(actually, he popped all but this one!)

Peanut Butter will provide the Entertainment!

Cup and His Buds will Provide some Cool Jams

(I think they have been practicing Fly Eagle Fly special for you today!)

Reese Puff wants to play Star Wars!
(I don't even know if you like Star Wars!)

But York Thought He might rather have This Special Guest:
(If we are Going Star Wars Theme!)

Guess Who is Kit Kat's Favorite Star Wars Character!


And May the "Force" be with You!!


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!