Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reese's Surfin' Doggy Daze

Today was the Dog Surfing Contest!

Today was Reese's Big Day in the Surf!     

There was a lot of great competition out there!!

Lookie at Reese.........He's surfing backwards!!  What a Talent!!

Here's Reese  hanging 20 with some of his friends!!

Then later in the day Reese saw this cute girl on the beach.  He fell in love right away!!   I guess she is kinda cute.

But this other dog tried to move in on her!    Reese was crushed!

So Reese challenged that Doggy Dude to a Surfing Contest, whoever gets the trophy gets the girl!

Things were going really great!  But then a wave crashed down on me and I wiped out!!

But that same wave took out that other dog too!!!

Reese was devastated!  No trophy, no girl.............

So who would get the girl???

Ugh!  Its gonna be a long while for Reese to get over this one!!!


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!