Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Fun!

The Easter Bunny Was on his Way to Belize....

When He had an Unfortunate Accident

See---he wasn't wearing his Helmet!!

Shortly thereafter, A there was a Knock at my Door.

When I opened I saw.....


(Eggs In Black)

They drafted me and my posse to act as Easter Bunny for Belize until a New Bunny Could be Found

Reese was very excited to help!!

He got straight to work producing Easter Eggs!

Which I collected and painted!

Peanut Butter said he would deliver the eggs....

But those short legs are just too slow!

Kit Kat offered as well...

But she looked too.....uh.......

It's Easter, I have to be nice!

So me being the fastest, I would deliver the Easter Eggs!!

Tiggers are great prowlers, which means we are great at sneaking!


I am soooo very sneaky that this guy  doesn't even know I'm there!!

Well, it didn't take long to hide all the eggs all over Belize!

And I haven't forgotten YOU,

Happy Easter!!!!


Give Me Your Best Bounce!!