Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making the Whole World "Tigger-ific!!"

I spent some time this past weekend with my buddy Hobbes.  He loaned me this really cool gadget called a "Transmorgrifier" made by his BFF Calvin! 

It's a cool device that you put something into the box, turn the dial to the setting you want to change it into and with a flash that thing is changed!  

I dialed the setting to "Tiger"  (you'd think Hobbes of all people could spell Tigger the right way!) and a wasp flew in and this is what came out!

This thing works like a charm!   So Hobbes and I thought this world would be a much better looking place if everything was "Tiggerfied" !!

We thought we'd  first spruce up Cup a bit.....................I don't think he was happy with the results, but I think he looks GREAT!

Then we let Reese go through the box, doesn't he look so much better?!

And then it was Peanut Butter's turn:

(I don't know who that man is or why he's so small?  Maybe he was a bug on PB's back and he transmorgrified into that old man?)

It was working so well, we decided to take our show on the road and beautify the world!!  

Here's our neighbor's horse!

And a cute little squirrel!  (No one will challenge him for his acorns ever again!!)

Here is a little birdie!

A polar bear!

By the end of the day the batteries were running low.  We only had enough for one more transformation, and I thought there is only one way to make this world the most beautiful it could ever be and that would be to transmorgifry Kit Kat into a Tigger too!

We told her there was a bag of Kit Kats inside the box and she jumped right in! 

But the batteries were low and the paints were drying up and well.........she didn't exactly turn into a Tigger..........But I think I like the results even better!!  What do you think??


  1. That's not Kit Kat..... That's Pikachu.

  2. Pika-kat instead of Kit-kat Pika-cat

  3. and second comment yay!

  4. don't tiggerfie everything!!! it would look horrible!!!!!!! good thing you didn't tiggerfie anything in the usa

  5. (sorry i didn't post in a REALLY long time ): ) Watch out cuz kitkat's attacking!

  6. kit-kat: pika-chew tigger kats resses cups
    tigger kat: 0.0

  7. kit-kat! Attack!
    Victini on pokemon: *DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!* (music) *japenease,Japenease,more japenease*

    english for the new pokemon didn't come out yet.


    1. is that Japanese,you mean??

      BTW to TK, Cup looks horrible, change him back pls


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