Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ancient Mayan Ruins

One of the things Central America (where Belize is) is famous for are ancient temples like these:


these are Mayan temples, they are in Tikal, Guatamala which is only a couple hours away from where I am in Belize.  They are cool to visit, some you can even climb!   

There are many ancient carvings too:

And many carvings tell stories

Our Guide told us that these tell the story of a great warrior from a long time ago.   This warrior brought great treasures to the Mayan peoples, including some strange food that was circular, chocolatey with creamy peanut butter in its center!! 

I.    WAS.    IN.    SHOCK !!

Then our guide, noting my expression, offered to take us to a newly discovered temple, one they haven't shown to the public, which archeologists believe reveals who this ancient warrior was!

The guide said the heiroglyphs described this warrior as very handsome orange tiger-like being with brown stripes!    That he had a top made out of rubber and a bottom made out of springs!

This sounds very, very familiar.........................I just can't figure out who this reminds me of!!


  1. If it wasn't tiger-like, it would be me! MEE!!!!!!!! -evil laugh-

    -Raichu a.k.a a random pokemon

    1. Who hacked my account?It was my pokemon. Nvm.


  2. ummm tiger kat thats your ansestor or you...omg (oh my gosh)

  3. where is beilize?

    1. Cental america..south of mexico....

  4. wait, how do you speak english when you live in central america?
    kittyslugs HATE mysteries!

    1. Belize was british hondorus....everyone speaks english!

  5. Replies
    1. Really? It does?? THen why am I ALWAYS SO CONFUSED???????



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