Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome Echido Echidna!!

Hmmm....Looks like an Owl

But who am I to judge??
I'm a tigger and often confused for a Super Model!

So Let's give a big Tiggerific Welcome

To the Most Excellent, Exciting, Echido Eduardo Echidna!

I'm Thinking Echido is new to blogger and doesn't have a blog yet,

But I am happy that he has choosen to follow me!

He is #96!

For that Let's give him a 96 Reese Cannon Salute!

Welcome Echido!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. 96? O.O I only have nine

    1. Give me your link and I'll see if I can get you some more!

      You know...most of them no longer follow me for real...I can tell bc most never comment and my # page views doesn't really I get a few and lose a few.

  2. Hi!! I am Echido Echidna!! :P (Not my real name don't ask) I am not new to blogger and 1 of my blogs have 1,000 views see animal jam echidnas. I HEART RESSES CUPS but i gave up chocolate for lent :(

    1. you are a good person, giving up chocolate for lent! Tell you what, I'll eat the outside of the reese cup and you can have the inside!

  3. Replies
    1. is there something I need to delete???


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