Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Fun in the Sun --Re-Run!

Ok, that's not Reese, but that's Reese's best bud, Tufu,  giving us a high five from the surf, he's so RAD!!    Then I saw one of my old pals go by on skies....do you recognize this fella?

"Look Ma!  No Hands!"  Hahahahah!   He's such a goof!!

Here's Peanut Butter, enjoying a nice swim:

What a beautiful breast stroke he has!!

Then I tossed a small stick in the river for Reese, look what he brought back:

When we got home Reese was covered in that grey river mud, Mom couldn't find him so he didn't have to get a bath, lucky dog!


  1. Looks fun! I wish I were there. I love to boogyboard. I am not good at surfing.

  2. I love boogyboarding! I also love surfing but I am TERRIBLE at it.

  3. i like to swim and boogyboard i would like to try surfing


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