Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Can you keep a Secret?

If you can keep a secret, read on, if you can't..........go look at Great Shot's blog for a minute...........Ok***looks around*** they're gone. 

 So!  I got loads of Reese Cups from my adoring fans world wide for my birthday yesterday, you are so wonderful!  I thought I would share with you the secret location of my Reese Cup stash!

first, we leave my tree house:

Lookie there!  A Reese Cup Thief!  Yeah!  You better run!!  Grrr!!

Ok, Next train through the jungle:

 So pretty and green!  Now we go up the mountain side:

Then it starts getting colder as we go higher on the mountain,

Ok!  We're at the top of the mountain, we're almost there!  Now we go into this little cave:

And here's the Treasure Chest!  Full of Reese's and other Fine Treasures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yum!!  The Chest is made of Chocolate tooo!!!!   And I will even share one candy with each of you!  The rest is MINE!!!!    **Gulp!!!!**  (eats all in one bite)   **Urp!!**              

Sorry........forgot to give you yours first.........I'm so ashamed **hangs head low and leaves the cave**


  1. Aw!Oh well i least i have a stash too cuz!:D

  2. Stash?? you have a stash?? Saayyy....Tiggy ole buddy ole pal! How about an invite for your bestest cuz??? hmmmmm????

  3. sure! when do you wheb do you want to go?

  4. lemme guess it's decorated with the newest reese's piece

  5. ? i didn't share the secret


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