Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing Cowboy (Re-Run Request from Great Shot)

I watched a Cowboy movie the other day, and that got me in the mood to play Cowboy!!

Reese Dressed the Part as a Cow Dog!

He looks Good!

But Reese Puff looked even cuter!!

I thought Maybe I would take everyone down the way for a Rodeo Class!

When we got there I was a bit concerned about my instructor.....

You Know how I feel about Monkeys....

He said not to be a worry wart!

He said he had picked out a nice gentle Steed for me:

I said  that horse looked a bit tired and should probably rest awhile

Maybe I would try a Pony Ride instead:

But it seemed that only Ponies were getting rides......

I decided to get a New Instructor

My NEW Instructor Found the Perfect Horse for Me!!

It was so much FUN!!!

Our New Instructor even Found Cup a Horse to Ride!!

 Peanut Butter  got to be in a REAL Rodeo!!

I was sooooo Jealous!!  

But He didn't have any fun

Actually, He was Pretty Mad!

C'mon,  Peanut Butter!
I'll take you home for a Big Reese Cup


  1. If that's Reese, why did he suddenly turn into a Chihuahua? 0.0

    1. O.o

      KIT KAT!!!! Give back that Shrink Ray Gun or I'm telling!!

  2. O.O *glues kitkat to a chair*

  3. That horse was perfect for you!


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