Friday, February 15, 2013

The Tiniest Thief! (Re-Run)

I came home today and went to get my 10:45 Reese Cup and looked what I found in my stash!!

GONE!!  All Gone!!  Some Thief ate them all!  No, it wasn't me (see my Great Reese Cup Mystery Story)  I searched and searche and finally found the culprit!  How did I know it was him?? He was drinking milk and wiping the chocolate smears off his little lips!   Check him out:

He was so tiny I almost stepped on him!!  Don't be fooled by his cuteness!!   He's a thief of the worst kind!  A Reese Cup thief!!  Lock all your Reese cups right now! 

Or you can keep them safe by mailing them all to me! 


Of course I would keep them safe for you!  I would never think of eating them all myself! 
I'm insulted!!  **pouts**


  1. NOOOOOOOO!We need to catch him~Lets put up wanted signs around the neighborhood!

  2. **Catches and sends to animal shelter** my work is done here



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