Friday, February 8, 2013

A Visit to the Eye Doctor

I may not have told you this.....

But I wear Glasses!

And it was time for my Annual Check up with

Dr. Soon Seymour Cleary

So I took off my old glasses 

and Passed the Exam with Flying Colors!

Next I met with Dr. Cleary's Assistant (Miss Ima Gouff) to pick out New Glasses

There were so many Great Pairs to Pick From!

Should I go Pink?

Or Super Hero?

Or Rock-n-Roller??

But my Practical Side Kicked in.......

See, it rains ALOT in Belize

So these Glasses Were the Most Practical !

Not to Mention

Soooo   Coool!!!!


We figured it was time for the whole family to get their new glasses

Mum Got a New Pair


My Dad (who loves to fish)

Wanted a "Nautical" Look!

Reese Got some Cool Goggles!

And Peanut Butter Things He Looks "Fly" 
In his Flying Pigs Glasses!

(Get it?? Fly??   I crack me up!!)

We even Found a Pair for Cup!!

And Puff thinks his New Glasses Make him look Smart!

But I think York Beats him with that Look!

Now where is that Kit Kat??

We think she needs glasses too!

She tried on a pair that she really, really liked!

Isn't she "adorable"

But Mum thought these would be more practical:



  1. You have a great eye doctor, Tiggerkat! I bet Kit Kat LOVES her new glasses! xD

  2. Why not try on some Quidditch goggles?

    1. will it help me to find more reese cups??

  3. I wear glasses, but I just want blue contacts, I have brown eyes

  4. *Randomness alert!*

    Hi Tiggerkat!

    Sorry for not commenting in SO LONG but I'm so flattered to see you put one of the banners I made for you on the top of this blog! <3

    I just decided to come back here again (super busy all the time.. :c) to tell you that you are the buddy of the month for February! ^-^


  5. I might need to go to the eye doctor too I might need glasses. Believe it or not, I wanted glasses.



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