Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can You Believe This?????

Mum Wants me to Clean my Room!!??!!

But I think I will just Work on My Treasure Chest!

**Burps Softly**

Ahhhh, Much Better!

I Don't Know Why my Mum Complains About My Room......

I mean, it's not as bad as Reese's Dog House that He Chewed all Up!

(used to be more of a doggie mansion)

I really Think Reese Puff helped him with That!

Don't be fooled by that Innocent Look!!


Mum wants to know why I can't Keep my Room

more Like Peanut Butter's

I mean, c'mon----He's a PIG!

What would you expect??!!

And Mum can't Compare me to Cup......

He Has a House Keeper!!

And York doesn't have a room, just a Doggie Bed

And then there is .......

Kit Kat's Room!

You have to Suit Up before You Enter There!!

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!!!!!!!



***Passes Out***

Horrible, Isn't it.......


  1. I live..... *calculating*.....
    2005.9 miles away from you O.O

    1. that's like----*calculating*

      3 tigger bounces!! I'll be over in a min!

  2. That's terrible! So many Kit-Kats! **hands garbage bag for disposal of toxic waste**

  3. Look! -takes 999,999,999,999 reeses cups out of pocket- There only 10 dollars each! But wait! Theres more! If you order RIGHT NOW, we will add in half a reeses cup! thats right, half a reeses cup! Supplys are limited, so order today!

    1. *empties pockets*
      I have $2.49, a bottle cap, a whistle and some toe cheese----how many can I get??


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