Monday, February 11, 2013

Terrible Day Fishing (Re-Run)

It was a gorgeous day down here in Belize, dad decided to take us fishing off of the reef.  We got into our boat and went out a mile or so past the reef and commenced fishing.   I waited and waited and waited and this is all that I caught..........

It's sticking its tongue out at me!!!!!  How insulting!!!   And this is what my dad caught..........

Sheesh!!!  I knew I shoulda used bigger reese cups for bait!!  (but I got hungry.........what's a tigger to do???)


  1. Next time use the BIGGEST resse cup you could find!:D

  2. @GreatShot, sorry we ate it for dinner, no leftovers.

    @Tiggytiger---now that's a real dilemma, how can I part with the biggest reese cup i can find???

  3. Tiggerkat!Your right!hmm.....maybe the second biggest?


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