Saturday, February 23, 2013

I finally figured out what is wrong with Kit Kat!!

Today I was watching this episode of SpongeBob about these Alien Jelly Fish

That take over your body

and put your real body in these pods and hang on the ceiling at the Krusty Krab!

And this is what your alien body looks like:


And the only thing that could defeat them was

It killed the Alien Jelly Fish

and Released everyone's Real bodies from those Pods

And I was pretty nervous watching that episode!

because Spongebob is real, you know.

So it got me thinking about a newstory I heard from about 10 years ago...

About Alien JellyFish battling Humans here in Belize!!

And that's about the same time Kit Kat was born!!

And I remember Mum said she was Swimming and stung by a Jelly Fish

And I think that may have had some effect on Kit Kat!

I think Kit Kat may be a Jelly Fish Invader!!"

**Looks Around--No One is There**

See, all her life She has been So Evil to Me!

This is what I would See:

But this is what Mum would see:

When we were Little, this is what I would get:

The surprise cat attack animated gif

(that was before my stripes grew in)

And this is what Mum would get!

So now that I have seen that SpongeBob Episode

I know what happened!

She is Possessed by an Alien Jelly Fish!!

And the only way to free her is with

And So I Put some in Her Milk


Nothing Happened??


Better Get Outta Here!

As I walked Away......


Off with My Head


I was only trying to Help........


Did you Know I used to have an Older Brother??

He just disappeared one day......


  1. Oh no! Whatever next? I bet my neighbor's dog is possessed by those aliens!

  2. EEK O.O! HAHA xD! Aww... D:
    This post made me scared and made me laugh at the same time.
    And made me sad that Jason died DX

  3. maybe it needs to go on her so GIVE HER MAYO SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. xDDDDD

    Aww, poor Jason. But isn't Kit Kat a kit-ka-vore?


    Poor JASON


  6. Poor Jason
    But the rest got me to go LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL

  7. Flynn Rider: All right, Blondie.
    Rapunzel: Rapunzel.
    Flynn Rider: Gesundheit.


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