Friday, January 25, 2013

Your Weekly Reese

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!


To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

Reese Cup Fashion Show Comes to Town!

Here are some Official Weekly Reese Behind the Scenes Snap Shots!

Here is the Official Reese Cup Limo that the models arrived in!

Here is a snap shot of the Orange Carpet to the awards ceremony

Here is a Snap Shot of the Dress I am hoping wins!

It is made entirely of Reese Cup Wrappers!

And this Dress is made of A Giant Reese Cup!!

Here is one of the Models Now!

Let me get you a close up of her Dress!

All Reese Cups!!

And the winners get these Reese Cup Trophies!

They have peanut butter centers and stand on a Giant Reese Cup!


They Look Delicious!!

**looks right, then left**

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter, Signing out!!

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter Arrested!!

The Charge:  Eating Trophies at the Reese Cup Fashion Show!

Tiggerkat Goes to Trial!

Here is Tiggerkat with Her Defense Attorney

They Refuse to Answer any Questions from the Press!!

We were able to Sneak this Picture of Tiggerkat 
Before the Judge, Pleading Not Guilty!

(while wiping chocolate and peanut butter off of her fur!)

Let's see the Judge's Reaction.....

The Judge Is Laughing!!

Tiggerkat is Free to Go!!!

This has been another Exciting Edition of
Your Weekly Reese!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got off. I wonder if the mystery of the missing trophies will ever be solved...

  2. can you post my kingdom RP? heres the link

    i need more members so far i only have 4 familes (only two made on the blog)

  3. sorry i ate it and wiped some on you when i passed by soo sorry!!!!!!

  4. -chants- TIGGER! TIGGER! TIGGER! WOO HOO! Now wait a minute... was tiger wearing a wig or was the peanut butter laughing..?

  5. I ate a Reese Cup FREEE TIGGERKAT XD

  6. I wouldn't blame you Tiggerkat, those trophies are just too darn delicious!


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