Friday, January 4, 2013

Your Weekly Reese

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!

To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

As there were no submissions for this weekly edition of the Weekly Reese
I decided to make stuff up!


This just in!

A Serial Snowman Killer has been terrorizing the Northern Territories!

If you've seen the killer do not try to apprehend him

He is armed with a snow blower and is very dangerous!

In other news, there are more reports of bird attacks on residents

Ellen Levy, a recent attack victim, was able to describe for us what this heinous felon looks like:

In the world of Entertainment:

His Mommy is so proud!

For all you Cryptid Lovers out there!

Has Big Foot Finally been Found??

This Man Thinks So:

And Finally:   From our Criminal Department:

We have told Kit Kat repeatedly to not go on N.Lincoln Ave.!


  1. -runs into room- KITKAT DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!

  2. *holds kit kat under box held up by stick* What? Er... No, I wasn't gonna trap Kit Kat. I SWEAR!

  3. hmm

    ~carrot80948A.K.A E.ORR

    1. =O look at the one under it items stolen from vehicles in N.lincon avenue

      The one above me is me of the comments

  4. I still can't believe it's already 2013! XD


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