Monday, January 21, 2013

Simple Machine Review for Silver Tail

I love, love Simple Machines!

They are a great help to me when I need to Transport all my Reese Cups!

You See, 

Simple Machines Make Work Easier!!

There are 6 Kinds of Simple Machines


W: Wheel and Axle
W:  Wedge
I:  Inclined Plane
P:  Pulley
L:  Lever
S:  Screw

1.  Wheel and Axle

I love using a wheel and axle like this to pull my Reese Cup Stash with me!

2. Wedge: Great for Lifting a Load!

Sometimes I wear these cool shoes to help me reach my Reese Cup Stash in the cabinets

3.  Pulley:  Grooved wheel and Rope to Lift up Heavy Stuff really High!

I use a Pulley System to Move my Stash of Reese Cups in and out of my Treehouse!

4. Lever:  Always has a Fulcrum so it takes Less Effort to Lift Heavy Loads

Most Levers have the Fulcrum in the middle (Class 1 levers)

But Some have the Fulcrum at the End (Class 2 levers)

(the wheel is a fulcrum, it does NOT have an axle)

I Use A Wheel Barrow to Move my Reese Cups!

5. Inclined Plane:   A ramp.  May look like a wedge, but a Wedge Moves, 
An Inclined Plane Does NOT move!

My  Train goes Up an Inclined Plane to the Reese Cup Mines

6.  Screw:  An Inclined Plane wrapped around a Pole

This is how we remove Reese Cups from the Reese Cup Mine
(shown above as water, but believe me, it scoops out the reese cups too!)

Simple Machines can be Combined to make something more Complex:

I just haven't figured out what it is yet!


  1. I have a complex machine: it is called the Automatic Potato Peeler. It is awesome!

  2. i love your shoes so much haha jk but their cool


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