Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well, I survived 2012!

I am ready for a New and Exciting Year!

And so is Reese!!

And Peanut Butter

And of course Cup!

And Reese Puff!

And York!

And Even Kit Kat!

uh.......well....uh....why not??

"Because YOU broke MY PIANO!!"

Well Next time don't leave your piano Hanging by a thread over my bed!!



    My New Year resolution:
    To eat a reese cup
    (which is practically impossible considering the fact that you don't get them over here...)

  2. Kit Kat plays PIANO?? Wow, I need to make resolutions too.

    1. Try to learn to play my violin somehow (i haven't learned yet)
    2. To eat reese cups at least once a month!
    3. To look after my pets
    4. To buy more pets
    5. To make more songs!!!


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