Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowmen? No, Sandmen!

I love the snow

And when it Snows, I love to make a Snow man!

But it doesn't Snow in Belize

So we Make


If you ever want to see Awesome Snowmen

Go Visit my BFF Hobbes and his friend Calvin!

Here are some pictures of their Snowmen!
(And Thier Copy Cats!)

Calvin & Hobbesesque Suicidal snowmen

Here are some Delicious Copy Cats!!

delicious Calvin and Hobbes delights -- birthday cakes



  1. That is so cool how thy we're real life made!! I'm going to read Calvin and Hobbes again today now =) ill tell them you said hi!

  2. those cupcakes look sooooooooo good i wonder if they have reese cups!!!!!!

  3. Can I just say that I'm really sorry for not viewing your blog so much, it's just that I have so much skating practice I have a lot of tests to study for. God, WHY DO I HAVE TO GET MY SIMPLE MACHINES TEST ON TUESDAY!?!?!? Woops, sorry.

    1. Oh! Maybe if I make apost that will help you study for Tuesday then your parents will MAKE you read it!


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