Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun with Balloons and Static!

I always think it looks funny when you 

Rub a Balloon on your Hair

And your Hair Stands up with Static!

I wondered what my pets would look like if I rubbed balloons on them!

Wow!  Reese has a TON of Static Hair!

Peanut Butter Stuck right to his Balloon and Floated away!!

Cup's Static Stayed with Him Through Lunch!

Puff Attacked his Balloon before I could even get close!

And York never looked Prettier!

***stifles laughter***

Then I brought a Balloon To Kit Kat

And I thought of a Different Experiment........

You know how if You Rub a Balloon on your Head

It can Stick to Your Head??

Or to the Walls?



  1. xDD If you want to stop her from chasing you later, offer her a Kit Kat.

  2. At church a few weeks back, they had snacks for the kids and stuff. And one of the snacks was a mini chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream on top, and right in the middle was a.... Drumroll please!! **Drumroll** Reese Cup! :D They were delish. I had two xD

  3. haha nice hair. its very stylish .

  4. Oops! I just rubbed my cat on my head. :)


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