Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Memories with Great Shot!

Been back home for a couple of weeks and finally got my photo's printed!

Here is a Photo of  Me and Great Shot Bouncing Together!

And here's one of Me and Strongboy88!

Here are some Pictures from Christmas Morning!

Here is Great Shot's Christmas Tree:

It is in one of the smaller rooms of her house.

We exchanged Gifts.

Here is what I got for Great Shot:

Her Favorite!  She loves it with Grape Jelly!

And this is what Great Shot Got for Me!!

My hands will NEVER be cold again!!

This is what I gave Strongboy88

He looks so funny when he takes a call!!

This is what Strongboy gave me!!

I feel so sticky clean now!!

Then there was more snow so we went out to build forts!

Here is Great Shot's

Not too bad, but for as creative a writer she is, I thought she should do better!

Here is Strongboy's Fort
(whoopsie!  I almost said "fart")

And here is mine!

And this is Kit Kat's

I'm a bit concerned about where she found all the yellow snow!

So, Forts Built, it was time to Commence the Battle!

I got Great Shot!

And Strongboy!!

Then they got me!!

They turned me blue!!

Kit Kat caught a snow ball

She wanted to keep it for a souvenir

But when we got home here to Belize......

where it is the tropics.......

Well,  let's just say  she's a bit depressed..........


I tried not to laugh!   Really!


  1. Poor kitkat but she should know and did she food color the fort

  2. I WONDER where Kit Kat got the yellow snow from... xD Haha

    1. The red could be blood, but what about the blue???

    2. blue from the tears shed by the little drama queen when she doesn't get her way

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm very talented, you know!

  4. PLATYPUS???? I DIDN'T KNOW YOU ATE SUCH THINGS!!!! **runs away from room**


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