Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Weekly Reese

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!


To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!

Our First Classified File is from:


My Photo

She has 3 Blogs:

Is a nice blog, but it hasn't been updated since August
Perhaps she is waiting for YOU to visit it!
So Go NOW!

Ozmo also has a blog called:
It's a Pixie Blog!
I love Pixies!
There should be Pixies in Animal Jam, doncha think?!

Ozomo's  3rd Blog is:
I love Randomness!!!
But only if its scheduled
I'm a busy Tigger, ya know!

Attention Tiggerkat!

I will delete this post later. I am so lazy that I'm not going to her blog to post a comment... I'll just post it here! Tiggerkat, when you're done with this post just post a comment. So here it is: in the Weekly Reese could you do another ad for my blog, and an ad for One Direction? You can make up the ad for mine, but have the One Direction say:

Some people have not had their shot. 
Get the Take Me Home album and all of the music videos today! 
These are five extremely talented guys. 
Have YOU or a loved one been infected?

Well, I think that Says it all!  If you haven't had your flu shot
Then watch out!  You may get a 1Direction Infection!!

And now from the Dark and Mysterious Misitu!

My Photo

"Wow, dis confuses meh. xD Anyway, can you advertise my art central blog and TFEOB Field Guide?"
Sure Thing, Cuz!!

Misitu's newest blog is her Art Central BLog
Which may be moving to her Original Blog:
But when I go to Animal Jam Flock
It doesn't exist anymore.....

No wonder she's confused!


Misitu's Biggest Blog is TFEOB
and if you don't know what it stands for, it stands for 
"Tiggerkat's Fantastic Elegant-world Of B-reese cups!"

Ok, maybe not
But it is a story blog
Starring:  Me!!

Check it out for yourself:
The Four Elements of Bending

Oh, wait!
She wanted me to Link to her TFEOB Field Guide
Also known as: TFEOBFG

But I can't find a link

Sorry, Misitu!


Well, That's it for this Week's Reese's Edition!  

Have a Reeser-ific Weekend!!


  1. I've got some good news for you, Tigger! :D
    1. When you search "tiggerkat" in google, your blog is the first thing to come up!
    2. We just went to the shops, and THEY HAD REESE CUPS! So we bought some, of course, and they're really good! :D

    1. 1. Yaya!
      2. you live in New Zealand, I think?? I hope you kept the reese cups on ice! I hear it is blazing hot down under!!
      3. and "really good" is an understatement! They're awesome!! Of course down there you are upside down so maybe that effects the taste with all that blood rushing to your head all the time!


  2. Can I just say, One Direction IS Handsome, but I'm not very much of a fan of them these days


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