Friday, November 30, 2012

Your Weekly Reese's

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Ok!  Ready to GO!

Tiggerkat, Ace Reporter on Duty!

To Present to you This Week's Classified Reese Cups!
(sorry I am late in the day posting!)


Enter the World of "THE DRAGONS OF FIRE"
An original Story by AO1315

Here is a quick lookie to get you hookie'd!

Draco looked in the distance. Another day of training by willow, a Dragon of Fire. He looked in the distance remembering Li,his owner in China. He remembered the time when dragons were China's royal pet. It was peacful with Li until Shadow,a dragon who took the place as Evil Team Leader from Cackle the Queen of evil dragons.  She became the deputy because she was too old. Shadow was smart and told the other evil team members to disguise themselves like the dragons from China and attack China!

Twenty people died during the attack. The chinese emperor was so furious that he sent the dragons from China away. Draco wanted to forget this memory but that meant he would forget Li. Draco's older brother Firebreath was the leader of a Fire Team. You may be thinking why would Draco want to be a dragon of fire?? Well if he was a Dragon of Fire he would be able to make enough peace so that the Chinese and the dragons could live together again.

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Next up is a New Story Blog By:  VMS915
Called the Wizards of Fennigen

Here is a sneak peek:   Welcome to the land of Fennigen, where magic comes alive! As you may know, my name is vms915. I will be your guide through the land of Fennigen. If you wish, you can create a character, and join one of the many warring wizarding tribes. Come enter the land of Fennigen, where anything can happen.....and it will.

Well, That's it for this Week's Reese's Edition!  

Have a Reeser-ific Weekend!!


  1. W000T! First to comment! Don't forget to add your blog! XD

  2. By the way, my blog is called The Architecture Inspiration of Pi because I want to be an architect, and since pi is a long lasting number that doesn't end (3.1415.........forever) It meant that I would always be inspired, nothing can stop me.

    1. that's awesome! maybe you can design the ultimate treehouse for me!!!!

  3. Yay Dragons of Fire! Thanks for letting other people now my blog!


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