Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome SilverDawn!!!!

SilverDawn has been a super secret follower for a couple of weeks now
I say super secret bc she is not listed as a follower
But she is not good at keeping herself secret bc she comments all the time!!  XD

Any way

Welcome Silver Dawn!!

My Photo

SilverDawn is a writer and an artist who loves horses!

I would've guessed a silver horse avatar by her name, 
but I do like the 
chocolatey brown horse above!!

SilverDawn has four blogs:
3 story blogs and 1 Diary Blog

And a cool thing is there is one link that lets you go to explore the 3 story blogs at:

From there you can read Fern's Quest, some Random stories and Greenwoods school

To see her diary and artwork you can go to http://diaryofawriterandartist.blogspot.com/

and a blog about Dragons!!

Wow!!  What a variety of Blogs!!!

Go check them out, and be sure to follow!  She's got some really great stuff in there!

But for now, let's give a Big Tiggerific Reese Cup Welcome to



  1. This is random but where it says current stalkers you should put something like reese stealers XD

    1. hmmmmmm, not a bad idea, but I think reese "stealers" would give me nightmares!!!


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